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Radiation Shielding Products in Los Alamos, New Mexico

Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. Offers Radiation Shielding Products

For businesses throughout Los Alamos, New Mexico that deal with radiation and nuclear technology, Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. provides radiation shielding products. Effective lead shielding protects individuals who work near nuclear reactors, in medical x-ray labs, or for corporations that manufacture radiological equipment from the harmful effects of radiation. Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. has spent more than five decades creating and perfecting lead products for use in a wide range of settings. Without such protection, employees and customers are more vulnerable to diseases, including cancer. Let us provide your firm with peace of mind that your staff is safe by creating lead products to fit your needs. Our specialties include:

Nuclear Radiation Shielding

Radiation can cause numerous diseases among individuals who experience prolonged exposure. For companies in Los Alamos, New Mexico that use nuclear technology, nuclear shielding is a necessity. Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. can provide such protection through lead pours and bricks. Lead pours can form nuclear storage containers, castings, pipe sleeves, and more to create a safer environment at your facility. Our versatile lead bricks are designed to temporarily or permanently shield a storage area. Let us know the scope of your project so that we can customize a solution for you.

Medical Radiation Shielding

Many doctors, nurses, technicians, and medical office staff are exposed to radiation daily. Nuclear medicine can effectively treat certain diseases, but those who administer it are subjected to potentially harmful effects that could cause long-term health concerns. Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. provides radiation shielding for medical facilities in and around Los Alamos, New Mexico to help ensure the safety of the lifesaving professionals who provide critical care. Our radiation-shielding storage containers include lead-lined boxes, cabinets, safes, cans, and more, as well as radioisotope storage cabinets. Furthermore, we can introduce lead brick walls during construction projects or renovations for lasting protection.

Lead Machining

For projects of all sizes, Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. can provide lead machining services to create customized solutions. We have a full in-house fabrication facility, so we are sure to be able to meet your specifications for product development. To expedite the process, we maintain a vast inventory of ingots, plates, and sheet lead, meaning we can start most orders immediately. You will not have to go through a middle man and wait endlessly for your lead parts. Let us know what you need and the quantity that you desire so that we can act quickly.

Lead Products

Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. can masterfully fabricate lead products for businesses and clients throughout Los Alamos, New Mexico and the surrounding area. We specialize in creating lead weights, lead castings, and various other industrial products, but we are happy to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide surface finishing and painting services. Our custom castings are designed to meet your project’s size and shape requirements, so we operate with careful precision and exactitude. Additionally, our lead weights are suitable for a diverse array of purposes, including balance and counterweight.

Call Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. for Services in Los Alamos

Our team has created high-quality lead products since the dawn of the atomic age, helping clients ranging in size from small firms to international corporations. We are proud to provide our radiation shielding and lead machining products to your company in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Our team will share its expertise and provide insight into how you can best utilize our options, protect your employees and customers, and safeguard against radiation exposure. We can manufacture our products in large or small quantities and in quick order. If you need nuclear shielding options for your business, contact us today. We are happy to explain all the ways we can help.

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