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Nuclear Medicine Waste Management

Radiation shielding is a necessity in medical offices that perform X-rays and practice other forms of nuclear medicine regularly. Both the patients and the technicians must have proper protection from exposure to radiation. Lead shielding generally works best as a protectant against the harmful effects of radiation, and it is a more budget-friendly solution than most alternatives. At Nuclear Lead Company, we will collaborate with your team to determine the best solution for your practice. If you already know what you want, we will create your order to your exact specifications. For more than 50 years, we have specialized in nuclear medicine waste management and medical radiation shielding in Oak Ridge, TN. 

Nuclear Lead Co. Supplies Radiation-Shielding Storage Containers

Nuclear Medical Radiation Shielding Container by Nuclear Lead Company Inc

It is necessary to safely store radioactive materials to avoid exposing people to radiation’s harmful effects. In doing so, it is important to use containers capable of shielding radioactive materials while they decay so that they do not negatively affect individuals or the environment. Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. has more than a half-century’s worth of experience designing and creating such storage containers. Our casting capabilities range from less than one pound to more than 30,000 pounds to ensure that we have a radiation-shielding storage container that suits your needs. Utilizing a lead container to store radioactive materials properly will significantly reduce the amount of radiation to which you are exposed, thus minimizing your threat of harm. 

Protect Yourself from Syringes Exposed to Nuclear Radiation

There is an abundance of radioactivity in a medical facility. It is common for doctors to use X-rays and computed tomography (CT) scans for examinations and treatments. But it also standard practice for medical professionals to inject patients with radioactive isotopes to perform imaging studies or treat diseases. As with any other radioactive material, it is critical to dispose of the syringes used for these injections properly. They may be contaminated with low-energy gamma and beta radiation residue, which could be detrimental to the health of the physicians, nurses, and patients who may be exposed. Nuclear Lead Co. provides syringe storage receptacles that can shield nuclear medicine from anyone who subsequently uses the office or room in which the treatment was administered. 

Ensuring Correct Radioactive Medical Waste Disposal Storage

With an increase in use among hospitals of radioisotopes for therapeutic and diagnostic applications, appropriate radioactive medical waste storage is becoming a vital aspect of medical facility management. Laws are in place to ensure sufficient measures are taken to maintain ambient radiation levels within limits determined to be safe, with regular monitoring mandatory. Radioactive materials found in hospitals are often liquid, but solid radioactive medical waste is often present as well as gaseous waste at minimal levels. Among the examples of solid radioactive waste are needles, cotton swabs, vials, and contaminated gloves. Proper disposal of these items, as well as liquids, reduces the short-term and long-term effects of radiation on doctors, technicians, patients, and visitors. Nuclear Lead Co. offers a variety of vessels capable of shielding radioactive medical materials, including: 

  • Lead-lined boxes 
  • Radioisotope storage cabinets 
  • Lead-lined cabinets 
  • Lead-lined safes

Choosing Lead Brick Walls Can Shield You from Radiation

Utilizing structural elements with built-in radiation shielding such as lead brick walls during construction projects and renovations helps to protect workers as well as the building’s eventual inhabitants. As a result of their high molecular density, lead bricks are highly-effective protectants from forms of nuclear radiation including gamma rays and x-rays. Such radiation can damage living tissue and result in a higher risk of sickness and cancer. However, lead bricks absorb radioactive electrons and scatter their energy, making the building materials useful for constructing walls, partitions, and barriers for facilities such as hospitals and nuclear plants. To Learn More About Medical Radiation Shielding, Contact us today.

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