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Industrial Lead Products

As a manufacturing facility of custom industrial lead products, Nuclear Lead’s fabrication experience includes industrial products such as lead castings and lead weights to meet any specification. Our expertise, coupled with high-quality lead machining equipment, allows us to develop virtually any lead product you desire.

Surface finishing and painting is available on all industrial lead products. We offer custom short run and production casting. Other services include lead mold manufacturing, pattern making, lead machining and steel welding.

Lead castings and lead weights

Available in assorted lead alloys or antimonies, Nuclear Lead’s lead castings are gravity poured or pumped, depending on the application or size.

Lead weights serve a wide range of purposes. From strategic placement to increase the lifting capacity and heavy lifters to balancing to stackable counterweights, Nuclear Lead can create a custom solution for your lead weight and lead ballast needs. Lead counterweights are commonly used in boats, heavy lifters, cranes, elevators, large machinery and race cars.

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