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Radiological Shielding for Nuclear Facilities

Lead is commonly used to protect people from receiving doses of radiation at a facility using nuclear technology—or at least to reduce the effective dose. Because of its chemical properties, lead is very effective in stopping the flow of wave radiation, including X-rays and gamma rays.

Without effective lead shielding, operators using nuclear radiation in their line of work could be at risk for cancers associated with radiation exposure. This means any facility using this technology cannot be safe without the absolute best lead shielding equipment in the industry. At Nuclear Lead Company, our experienced team delivers only the most-effective equipment to you.

Nuclear radiation shielding

Lead pours and bricks

Nuclear radiation shielding begins at the structural level. Our lead pours and lead bricks create a safer environment from the outside in. With a high density and low porosity, our lead pours can form nuclear storage containers, pipe sleeves, castings, and nuclear storage flasks, all to your specifications. We practice strict quality control and will ensure your lead pour meets all safety standards, as well as your requests.

Lead bricks are valued for their versatility. Use them for temporary or permanent structures to create a shield or a storage area. Add them to an existing room to enhance the shielding that is already in place or apply them to new construction projects to reduce the wall or ceiling thickness. Our lead bricks can build partitions, hot cells, and glove boxes. The interlocking style offers the highest protection against X-ray beta and gamma rays due to the way they tightly fit together. This prevents gaps that can cause radiation leakage in other brick configurations. Straight and machined and milled lead bricks work where interlocking bricks won’t be suitable. The straight ones can be staggered in a two-row configuration to provide additional protection against leaks. In all styles, standard and custom sizes are available for any project.

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