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Nationwide Custom Shielding Solutions

Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. provides custom shielding solutions and parts for your detector or scanner. We take your drawings and plans and create a custom piece that meets your requirements. Our capabilities know no bounds, from custom shielding of baggage scanners to SPECT scanners and medical CT and X-Rays. We create a wide range of custom shielding products for all types of industries. Our radiation shielding produces fast, reliable, and safe products for your facilities. Contact us today to discuss your needs for custom shielding parts manufacturing.

Lead Casting by Nuclear Lead Company Inc

Types of Shielding Parts

Our team can deliver tungsten and lead shielding in all types of shapes and sizes. Some examples include:

  • Standard shielding without finishes
  • Adhesive backing for quick and easy application and integration
  • Shielding assembly for ready-to-use parts
Lead Machining Service at Nuclear Lead Company Inc

What is Custom Shielding?

Most devices today come with digital circuits that have semiconductor devices. These semiconductor devices operate at high frequencies emitted by circuit boards. These frequencies can be harmful to patients and employees. Custom shielding is needed to protect all involved. It helps you reduce the transmission of electromagnetic waves and avoid intrusion into sensitive electronic devices. In short, custom shielding is used to stop the spread of electromagnetic waves from leaving or entering a device. It protects both the device from malfunctioning as well as protecting humans from EMI radiation. The aeronautic and automotive industries especially benefit from custom shielding.

Biggest Industries and Uses for Custom Shielding

Many industries use custom shielding to protect their equipment as well as themselves. Some of the most popular uses for custom shielding include:

  • Aviation electronics
  • Automotive components
  • Medical components
  • Security devices
  • Computer electronics
  • Telecommunication devices
  • Military devices

Frequency Levels of Custom Shielding

There are two things to consider before ordering a custom shield from Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. – harmonic and operating frequencies. These frequencies range significantly, requiring a unique approach to how we create your custom shielding parts. When you order custom shielding from us, we’ll discuss your situation, industry, options, and more to determine which type of material we will create for you, metal, and more. Some of the standard metals used to prevent radiation include:

  • Copper Alloy 770
  • Aluminum
  • Pre-Tin Plated Steel
  • Nickel Silver
  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Copper

Contact us Right away!

Contact our team of experts today to discuss your needs, industry, and budget. We will then draft plans to design and manufacture your custom shielding. We proudly serve the entire United States.

To Learn More, Call Us (800) 621-5848 Or Use Our Contact Form