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Nuclear Lead Co., Inc.
1007 Alvin Weinberg Drive,
Oak Ridge, TN, 37830

(865) 483-8718


Lead Shielding for Nuclear and Radioactive Applications

Lead radiation shielding is a crucial part of any facility that employs nuclear reactors or ionizing radiation sources. But since lead is itself a hazardous material, it requires special tools and know-how to fabricate and transport it safely.

Since 1961, Nuclear Lead Co. has been creating lead shielding for nuclear reactors, atomic laboratories, and nuclear medical devices. We have the tools, facilities, and experience to cast, machine, and transport lead shielding to the exacting specifications of the Department of Energy, as well as your own high standards.

Whether you need lead shielding for nuclear reactors, cobalt radiation sources, or medical X-ray or radiation medicine machines, we can build and deliver lead shielding to keep your staff, customers, and equipment safe. We also build containers for the storage and shipment of nuclear fuels and radioactive waste.

Nuclear Lead Co. is based in Oak Ridge, TN, and is the major supplier of lead radiation shielding to the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. We have the capability to fabricate any quantity of lead shielding for any radiation source or application and ship it nationwide.

Lead fabrication for industrial and commercial use

In addition to its radiation shielding properties, lead has a variety of industrial and commercial applications. We cast counterweights for elevators, earthmovers, and cranes, as well as naval ballasts and lead weights of all shapes and sizes. Surface painting is also available for all castings.

1007 Alvin Weinberg Drive, Oak Ridge, TN 37830, USA

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