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When you need to store or transport radioactive materials, lead containers can serve your purpose. Nuclear Lead Company supplies hospitals and other medical facilities, as well as laboratories and nuclear plants with high-quality, lead-lined storage containers. We have more than 50 years of experience creating standard and custom solutions for our clients.

You have an array of options to make your container exactly how you want it, from the thickness of the lead lining to the color of the finish. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your finished product, both in function and form. This is why we listen to our clients’ requirements and requests so carefully.

  • Lead-lined boxes
  • Radioisotope storage cabinets
  • Lead-lined cabinets
  • Lead-lined safes
  • Hot cells
  • Lead decay cabinets
  • Lead cans
  • Lead shipping containers
  • Lead waste cabinets

Uses and construction

Our lead storage containers are used in a variety of settings to perform an array of tasks. Some of our customers have to store and transport radioactive materials. Others need vial pigs for high-energy radionuclides, including PET, or unit dose pigs for radiopharmaceuticals. Still others require nuclear densometer storage.

Nuclear Lead Company produces everything from lead-lined boxes, safes, and cabinets to hot cells, radioisotope storage cabinets, and lead shipping containers.

We construct our containers from carbon or stainless steel, per our customers’ specifications. Whether you opt for lead-filled or lead-lined, the lead we use is 99.94% pure. For gamma and neutron shielding, we offer a composite solution of lead- and boron-filled polyethylene. Heavy-duty hinges and strong locks keep the contents securely enclosed. You can select from a range of thicknesses of the lead shielding, as thin as 1/32 of an inch and as thick as two inches or more.

It’s not just the safety from the contents that concerns us. We also ensure all the lead is fully sealed to prevent exposure, and you won’t find any sharp edges or corners on our lead storage containers. We grind the points down to a smooth finish. Knowing how heavy lead-filled and lead-lined containers can be, we offer hydraulic-assisted lifting mechanisms so no one will become injured trying to hoist a container.

Lead Storage Containers by Nuclear Lead Company Inc Lead Storage Containers from Nuclear Lead Company Inc


Custom options

While Nuclear Lead Company does offer standard designs, we are aware that many of our clients desire unique containers, either to suit their special needs or to blend in with their décor. This is why we provide a broad selection of options to customize your container.

The color and finish can be tailored to your specifications. Choose from bright or muted colors and a shiny or matte finish. The hardware, such as the hinges, handles, and locks, can all be individually selected for aesthetics or security reasons. Send us your dimensions that will fit your open space and your contents, and we will design and produce a container to those measurements. We also have the option of floor- or countertop-loading containers, and we can make cutouts to allow for electrical cables or other necessities. To Learn More About Nuclear Lead Products, Contact us today!

To Learn More About Nuclear Lead Products, Call (800) 621-5848 or (865) 483-8718