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Lead Transport And Storage Containers

Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. manufacturers lead lined containers of all types of sizes, lead thickness, and materials nationwide. Lead storage containers are used in many industries to safely store and transport radioactive material. While they are made of lead, we coat the inside and outside of the materials to avoid exposure to lead by any personnel coming in contact with the container. We can also provide a stainless steel finishing to give stronger housing to your container. For heavier or more unwieldy containers, we can create handles for multiple handling methods and sizes. Our team also has the option to create lifting eyes attached to the lid and base. This allows you to lift the container safely with a crane. Finally, we understand that safety is a large factor regarding radioactive material. We can attach padlocks to the containers to secure your material. We create a wide range of lead containers, including:

  • Lead vial pigs
  • Mobile lead containers
  • Lead containers with stainless steel housing
  • Mobile PET shielded waste bin
  • Shielded waste containers
Lead Storage Containers by Nuclear Lead Company Inc

Lead Storage Containers

All types of industries use lead storage containers to safely store radioactive materials. Using a tungsten syringe shield, the user draws doses from a vial into a syringe when preparing radiopharmaceuticals. After this process, they may store the radioisotope vial in a lead storage container or a tungsten vial shield. These vial shields can have a lead glass viewing window. This improves the visibility of the contents. We can also add one or multiple padlocks to the lead storage containers to secure the radioactive material. They are operated with standard padlock keys.

Lead Transport Containers

Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. designs and manufactures lead shipping containers to safely and efficiently transport radioactive materials. One of the most popular uses of these containers is designed for shipping of syringes with F-18 radiopharmaceuticals. With years of experience, we understand the need for multiple classes of containers for classification as shipping containers. We use these classifications to describe what the lead shipping containers are specifically designed for.

Applications For Lead Shielded Containers

There are many applications that can be used for lead shielded containers. They include:

  • Radioactive Material Transportation
  • Radioactive Material Storage
  • PET Radionuclide Storage (Fluor-18)
  • Vial Pigs for PET and Other Radionuclides
  • Radiopharmaceuticals Preparation

Contact Us Today

The team at Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. is here for you to serve your lead product needs throughout any industry. We design and manufacture safe, stable custom-made products to store and transport radioactive materials. Our exceptional attention to detail and precision makes us a leader in the manufacturing industry. No matter how in-depth or custom you need a product designed and machined, we’re here for you. Contact us today for any questions and to schedule your lead lined container manufacturing. Our team is here to help you operate your facility safely and stay productive with industry-leading designs. We also create all types of high-quality lead products, such as: