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Nuclear Radiation Shielding for Companies Throughout the U.S.

Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. Is A Leader in Radiation Shielding

For more than a half-century, Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. has provided lead radiation shielding products for companies throughout the nation. We are proud to work with nuclear power reactors, the U.S. Department of Energy’s radiation labs, and large manufacturers of radiological equipment to provide nuclear and medical radiation shielding, among other products. Regardless of the size of your radiation operation, you need to protect your employees and customers from the toxic effects to which they are subjected. Let Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. deliver the products and expertise that ensure their safety. Contact us to learn more.

Our Team Provides Nuclear Radiation Shielding

Nuclear shielding helps prevent cancers and other ailments associated with radiation exposure. Any facility that exposes workers or clients to excessive levels of radiation should utilize a nuclear radiation shielding strategy. Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. provides products to organizations throughout the United States designed to ensure safety and minimize risk. Our lead pours and bricks create a safer environment beginning at the structural level and meet all regulatory standards.

Medical Radiation Shielding Protects Doctors and Nurses

Many individuals involved in the medical profession are exposed to radiation on a regular basis via x-ray machines and various other forms of nuclear medicine. Patients, doctors, technicians, and staff must be protected from its harmful effects. Our medical radiation shielding products include storage containers for radioactive materials, lead-lined boxes, lead decay cabinets, and other methods of safe disposal.

We Can Customize Lead Parts for Your Business

Regardless of where your business is located, Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. can deliver custom-made lead parts to you. Our products have been used in the aerospace industry, technology fields, and medical offices throughout the country. Our lead machining capabilities allow us to fabricate products that meet your dimension specifications and exceed your quality expectations.

Contact Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. Today

Trusted by entities such as Lockheed Martin and the Department of Energy, Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. is among the nation’s leaders in developing lead products for radiation shielding and a host of other purposes. If your business regularly deals with radiation, protect yourself and your employees by investing in nuclear radiation shielding. For hospitals and doctor’s offices, take advantage of our products that limit unwanted radiation exposure in the clinic. Contact us today for more information about what we can do for you.

To Learn More, Call Us (800) 621-5848 Or Use Our Contact Form