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Discover Lead Line Cabinets from Nuclear Lead

Lead lined cabinets are vital to supporting the processes of various industries, including nuclear medicine, hospital, and the nuclear power industry. Whether you need to safely store radioisotopes and radioactive waste, provide additional protection while handling X-ray tubes, or offer additional shielding to protect sensitive electronic devices from harmful nuclear waves, you can rely on our custom build lead line cabinets. Nuclear Lead is a nationally recognized developer of lead products for various applications. Our products help protect professionals from the harmful side effects of wave radiation. To discover how we can better support your company, give us a call.

What Are Lead Lined Cabinets?

As mentioned, lead lined cabinets are the ideal storage system for radioactive materials when the material needs to be routinely removed and when lead containers are not ideal. It’s common for security measures to be integrated into most lead lined cabinets. This ensures completely safe storage of all radioactive materials. Our cabinet models are ideal for hospitals, medical laboratories, or facilities that manipulate and dispose of radioactive waste. Some common uses of lead lined cabinets include shielded storage boxes for industrial radiography equipment and lead lined cupboards for hot labs. Our cabinets are created with specialized doors and handles to provide unrivaled protection. Here are some additional advantages of lead lined cabinets:

  • Workspace – Lead lined cabinets can provide additional workspace for professionals to complete necessary tasks.
  • Lab Space – Adding lead lined cabinets to your hot lab allows the space to be used more efficiently, which can improve workflow.
  • Additional Tools – Additional tools can be integrated into the cabinets to improve efficacy, including dose calibrators and generators.

Take Advantage of Our Custom Designed Cabinet Models

Nuclear Lead offers several standard designs of lead lined cabinets, but most of the cabinets we manufacture and custom designed and built to best serve the needs of our clients. Each custom cabinet we design starts with a consultation. During this consultation, we’ll discuss your needs while asking questions regarding your process to create the best cabinet that seamlessly integrates within your facility. While designing your lead lined cabinet, some things should be considered, including:

  • Shielded Openings – A shielded cabinet should provide total radiation protection while accessing the cabinet’s interior quickly. Our doors and drawers are designed to prevent radiation leaks from overlapping joints and seams.
  • Cabinet Weight – We recommend also considering the weight of what you’re storing. Typical shelves can support up to 100 lbs without issue. The maximum load of the floor on which the cabinet is installed should be checked before installation.
  • Countertops – Are you looking for a tall cabinet with limited access to the top or to turn your lead lined cabinet into a workspace allowing your team to work with nuclear materials efficiently? These are some examples of some questions we ask during our consultation. It’s important to consider how to best maximize your new cabinet.

Why Choose Nuclear Lead?

At Nuclear Lead, we have over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom lead lined cabinets. Whether you need help with a basic model cabinet or something more personalized, seamlessly integrate and support your process with lead lined cabinets. Our highly trained and skilled designers will work alongside your team to better understand your needs while creating a product that exceeds your expectations. We understand the importance of keeping your staff and products safe, so we’re confident our lead lined cabinets will safely hold your irradiated materials. We’ve helped companies in the medical and nuclear industries and the Department of Energy laboratories. If you want to learn more about our process or how we can help support your business, reach out.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Regardless of whether your company needs a one-off cabinet to safely hold your irritated goods or an entire personalized cabinet system, our qualified designers will work with you to find solutions to your specific requirements. Our team has over 50 years of experience working with and supplying lead lined products to various industries. We’re dedicated to being your partner during the initial consultations, manufacturing, and even delivering and installing into your facility. Nuclear Lead provides complete turn-key solutions for safely storing, moving, and manipulating irradiated materials. Our main goal is to support your project from initial conception to delivery. To learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation today.

To Learn More, Call Us (800) 621-5848 Or (865) 272-2118