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Custom Lead Radiation Shielding Manufacturing

Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. provides lead radiation shielding manufacturing services nationwide. Lead is one of the most popular materials for shielding from radiation. Its high density is significantly effective at reducing exposure to personnel from X-rays and gamma rays. It’s also affordable. We provide lead shielding fabrication to all types of industries, including healthcare, nuclear energy, security, research, and many more. We design and fabricate all types of lead radiation shielding materials and constructions to meet your needs. While we have several established products, we also provide custom orders. Whether you need long-term storage, transportation safety, or any other type of radiation shielding, contact our team. We’re here to help you and your team stay safe.

Properties of Lead

Lead Coating by Nuclear Lead Company Inc

Many companies use lead as a radiation exposure preventative due to its properties. Lead is a soft metal that can easily be scratched and dented. This malleability makes it the preferred material to work with because we can shape it into anything you need. Additionally, lead is very dense. The density is about four times as much as aluminum, giving it great properties to protect from radiation. Finally, lead has a melting point of 327 degrees Celsius, making it perfect to cast into unique shapes.

We also use different alloys and purities of lead to provide additional support, strength, and protection.
However, lead is toxic and can accumulate within the body if one does not take proper precautions. If needed, such as in a situation where personnel will be handling the lead frequently, we can encapsulate the lead in a material of your choosing. Most commonly, we coat lead in the following materials to reduce the risk of lead exposure and possible lead poisoning:

  • Paint
  • Plastic
  • Metal

Examples of Lead Radiation Shielding Solutions

Lead Shielding Solutions by Nuclear Lead Company Inc

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what we can create for you. Many different professions from a wide range of industries require lead radiation shielding. Some of the most common examples of our products include:

  • Lead-lined boxes
  • Radioisotope storage cabinets
  • Lead-lined cabinets
  • Lead-lined safes
  • Hot cells
  • Lead decay cabinets
  • Lead cans
  • Lead shipping containers
  • Lead waste cabinets

Contact Us Today

Contact Nuclear Lead Co. Inc. today to discuss your needs for lead radiation shielding products. We can custom design and manufacture anything you need to provide a safe environment for your work. Call our team of experts today to discuss your needs.