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When you need custom-made lead parts for your business, whether you’re in the medical field, high-tech communications, or the aerospace industry, Nuclear Lead Company has your solution. In fact, we count among our customers Lockheed Martin, an array of the Department of Energy laboratories, and nuclear reactor facilities, along with other large corporations.

Our more than half a century of experience means we know the opportunities and challenges of working with lead. We can create products to your exact specifications, no matter how complex, using our precision in-house machines.

Top-quality products

We take care to package your finished parts securely and label them precisely so they arrive at you in the same condition as they left our facility and you know exactly what you are receiving. This way, no matter who signs for your deliveries, you will know your Nuclear Lead Company order will make its way to where it needs to go.

Sometimes, lead machined parts to have to go through an extra step before they can be used due to the health-related dangers posed by exposure to lead. Our team and our facility are fully equipped to handle coating solutions for your parts. We offer both powder coating and epoxy-based coating, and we will work with you to determine which will work better for your specific project. If you need Lead Machining options for your business, contact us today. We are happy to explain all the ways we can help.

Call us at (800) 621-5848 to fulfill your lead machining needs.